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Metal Braces

Teeth Empower Metal There are many different types of braces that patients can choose from when they decide to get orthodontic treatment.  Metal braces are what most people envision when they think of “braces”. In the past, metal braces were attached to the tooth by a band of metal that fit around the tooth. They were bulky, hard to clean and very time consuming to place and remove.  Those days are gone! Nowadays, braces are attached to teeth using a special dental cement with only the brace being attached instead of an entire band. It allows today’s braces to be smaller, lower profile and generally easier to clean around.

In our office we use one of the smallest, most advanced type of metal braces called “self-ligating” braces. Dr. Pagan is  committed to the fastest, most efficient, exceptional results and self-ligating brackets are one aspect of that commitment.

Self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces (which also go by names like Damon braces and Speed braces) have doors or clips that hold the wire into the brace.  The advantages of self-ligating braces are the orthodontist gains greater control through improved orthodontic wire engagement, faster appointment times with fewer total orthodontic visits, and the theoretical loss of friction when moving the teeth.  See our “Self-ligating braces” page for more information

Cost of metal braces

The cost of metal braces is included in the orthodontic fee. The cost of any orthodontic treatment is dependent on the severity of your malocclusion. Your malocclusion involves two things: how crooked or “crowded” are your teeth and how far from ideal is the fit of your teeth. More significant treatments usually costs more than treatments that are simply “touch ups.” If you are new patient who is interested in metal braces, feel free to contact our office and set up a free initial consultation with Dr. Pagan