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Patient Programs and Contests

The Healthy Smiles Program has been very popular and rewards you for going to your general dentist every 6 months and getting your teeth cleaned. Parents enjoy $25.00 off their payment the months your cleanings take place, and patients receive a $15.00 gift certificate to Target. Some of the gift certifictes have additional goodies attached like decks of mini playing cards or a full size tube of lip gloss. Just take our Healthy Smiles Form in to your general dentist the day of your cleaning so they can fill it out and fax it back to us. It’s that easy! Does your general dentist want your wires out for the cleaning? No problem, we will coordinate your normal visit with Dr. Pagan around your next cleaning visit so we can remove your wires.

iPod Contests have been a great reward for going above and beyond your orthodontic duties! You can receive an iPod entry ticket every time you come in for an appointment just for taking good care of your appliances and maintaining good oral health between your appointments. We give away one iPod every quarter to a patient. So far, we have given away 8g Touch and nanos.

Guessing Jars test our patient’s skill with how many small objects can fit inside a big glass jar. The patient who guesses closest to the actual number wins a $25.00 gift certificate to the Alderwood Mall. We have done so many different objects over the years; shells, M&M’s, rubber ducks, cotton rolls, pretzels, candy hearts, frogs, straws, turkeys, jingle bells, and too many to count! Does anybody guess the exact amount? Yes! And we frequently have ties where both patients get the prize.

Family Care Programs are a quick and easy way to see if siblings will need future orthodontic care. Dr. Pagan can do a quick consultation with a brother, sister, or parent of someone in braces at the time of their visit to talk about who else in the family may be a good candidate to have their smile improved. Should Dr. Pagan feel a sibling is not ready yet, but braces are in their future, we will set you up on a 6-12 month complimentary growth and development program for free checks. This really helps other family members get used to us so when it’s their turn, they are ready to jump in the chair with no fear.