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Here at Dr. Pagan Orthodontics we have lots of patients from Mukilteo and we thought that we would share some of our favorite things about Mukilteo

Mukilteo Favorites:

  1. The Mukilteo to Clinton ferry and the historic lighthouse, beach park and children’s playground. Turn over any rock on the water line and you are sure to find a little crab!
  2. Ivar’s Landing, which has both a walk up window for bringing fish and chips to a beach picnic and a sit-down retaurant and bar.  They have the Ivar’s Carp that was lost to the sea in 2003 during a storm (which took out the beach deck) and was later recovered and has a place of honor in the lobby. Kids and adults love the hatch in the restaurant that opens up to the sand below the retaurant.
  3. Traxx indoor raceway for those times you want to try your hand at go-cart racing.
  4. The annual Mukilteo Garage Sale. It’s just in time for Spring cleaning! Over 200 different garage sales have been published  in years past in the Mukilteo Beacon. This is a great way to get outside and to find something unique for the house.