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A lot of our patients come to us from Lynnwood, WA. Many of our Lynnwood patients have shared with us some of their favorite go-to places after visiting the orthodontist.

Favorite Places to Visit Following Your Orthodontist Appointment

  1. Baskin Robbins on Route 99 – It’s hard to beat ice cream after your orthodontist appointment! Did you know that the cold from the ice cream can help to ease some of the discomfort you may experience? It’s true! You can tell your parents that we approve ice cream.
  2. Alderwood Mall is full of places to go for braces-friendly fare and one of our favorites is Jamba Juice. Jamba Juice makes great smoothies for orthodontic patients who are looking for an easy snack that is 100% braces friendly!
  3. The Interurban Trail follows the route once used by the Interurban Railway that ran from Seattle and Everett from 1910-1939. This trail was abandoned after Hwy 99 was built for due to the automobile boom. It’s a great bicycle/pedestrian trail that’s 12 ft. wide and perfect for non-motorized constitutionals and enjoying time outside after being in the ortho chair!

Do you have a favorite post-appointment treat or activity? Share your insider tips with us and we will add it to this list with your comments.